Here we will discuss Boxing Day 2015 in London, Canada, Australia, USA. Firstly, we would like to give the brief introduction of Boxing Day. Well, Boxing Day is considered to be a special holiday for numerous Canadians on 26th December. This special day gives chance to all the people to take part in post Christmas sales. Now the question is that what people do on Boxing Day? Many people in this world have a day off work on this day and visit numerous stores. We would like to mention that some shoppers even start waiting outside the stores and shops in the small hours early in the morning. Moreover, numerous important sporting events are held on special Boxing Day and people watching them on television as a popular and best activity. For our readers, we want to mention that Boxing Day is considered to be public holiday and it is announced as the Canadian Labor Code as a holiday in western countries. On the other hand, it is not uniformly celebrated in the whole world. In Quebec, it is not announced as an official holiday. On this special day, numerous organizations as well as businesses are closed. Mostly stores are open on this day.

Boxing Day 2015 In London, Canada, Australia, USA

Boxing Day 2013 in London, Canada, Australia, USA

We would like to mention that in few communities like New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Labrador stores are not open on this day. Pose offices in the whole country are closed. As we mentioned above that Boxing Day falls in the period of Christmas holiday so schools are closed. When Boxing Day celebrates on the days of Sunday or Saturday then it is considered to be non working day. It is important that readers should knows the history or background of Boxing Day. Well, Boxing Day is considered to be holiday in the United Kingdom and in various countries as well like Canada. During the feudal times in United Kingdom, the lord of the manor pay people with different boxes practical goods like agricultural tools, food etc. Such things were distributed on the day after i-e Christmas Day. In Canada, on this special day people give special gifts to those people who provide them with best services. Moreover, there are so many stories are linked with the foundation of Boxing Day. Now the question is that when Boxing Day will be celebrated in London, Canada, Australia, USA? Well, like other countries Boxing Day will also be held on 26th December 2015 in these countries as well.

On the whole after discussing Boxing Day 2015 in London, Canada, Australia, USA it is easy to conclude that Boxing Day holds great importance in western countries like London, Canada and USA. In the final conclusion, we can say that this day is celebrated on the larger scale in western countries.