Children Day Date Speech And Essay

Here we will discuss Children Day date speech and essay. As we know that Children’s Day is celebrated in the whole world to honor children worldwide. Firstly, we would like to discuss the brief history of Children’s Day. It was first introduced by the World Conference for the honor and well-being of children in 1925. With the passage of time in 1954, it was established universally. The General Assembly of United Nations recommended that all the countries in the whole world should celebrate the Children’s Day on the suitable and appropriate day. We would like to mention that Children’s Day is normally celebrated on different days as well. But Universal Children’s Day normally takes place and celebrated on 20th November every year. It was first proclaimed by the General Assembly of United Nations in 1954. This day is specially celebrated in order to promote the objective and aims for the welfare of children in the whole world. Moreover, Childrens Day is not the simple day to celebrate children but it is specially celebrate for creating the awareness among children in the whole world against violence in the form of abuse, discrimination, exploitation etc. In many countries, children are normally used as laborers, involved in armed conflicts, minority issues etc. According to survey that almost more than 153 million children between the age gap of 5 to 14 are involved into the child labor. In 1999, The International Labor Organization adopted or followed the Prohibition and Elimination of the Worst forms of child labor like slavery, child prostitution and many more other problems.

Children Day Date Speech And Essay

Children Day Date Speech And Essay

In case of discussing the importance of Children Day we can say that Children’s Day is the special and important day for the children. In the whole world, it is celebrated on the date of 20th November. In 1954, United Nations declared as the international day for children. If we talk about other countries then in India it is celebrated on 14th November. Because of the date marks of the birth anniversary of the well known freedom fighter named as Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Because of giving the tribute to Nehru, Children’s Day is celebrated on his birth date. If we talk about the arrangement and activities for this day then we can say that special activities are arranged on this day. In many western countries, different conferences and seminars are held in order to highlight the importance of Children’s Day.

On the whole after discussing the Children’s Day speech and essay it is easy to conclude that we should denied the importance of Children’s Day globally. For the welfare of children, it is very important for every country that this day should be celebrated on the larger scale. In the final conclusion, we can say that we should denied the importance of Children’s Day.


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