Here we will discuss Juma Mubarak sms messages, quotes and wishes. Firstly, we would like to give the brief introduction and the importance of Juma Mubarak. As Muslim we should know that Juma is considered to be the most special day for all the Muslims in the whole week. On this special day, Muslims make special arrangements and then they perform Juma namaz in mosques. We would like to mention that it is important and compulsory for every Muslim that should offer namaz known as Juma namaz in his near mosque by making the special arrangements in terms of cleanliness. If we talk about Islamic point of view then this day holds great importance and significance in the lives of Muslims. Every Muslim offer namaz in order to realize the importance of this day.

Juma Mubarak SMS Messages, Quotes, Wishes

Juma Mubarak SMS mesages, Quotes, Wishes

On this special day, Muslims send messages and quotes to their fellow, relatives and friends in order to give the importance of this day. In this informative post, we will discuss Juma Mubarak sms, messages, quotes and wishes. Firstly, we would like to mention the sms or messages that are specially written for Juma Mubarak. The best sms or messages are as follows:

  • JUMMA Mubarak k roz 100 martaba darood pak parhane wale ki

100 hajten puri hote hen.

30 duniya ki

70 akhirat ki

Happy Jumma Mubarak.

  • ALLAH Rab-ul-Izzat Kitna Kareem or Meherban hai.

Hamari Ibadat or Taqwa Hamare Chehre Se Zahir Karta Hai.

Hamare Gunah Doosron Se Chupata Hai.

Jumma Mubarak

  • Aaj jumma hy sub ko yoam e jumma mubarak ho

Kasrat se darud sharif padho ke aaj jumma Mubarak hy

Surah kaaf bhi padho ke aaj yoam e jumma Mubarak hy

Barkatain hi barkatain le lo ke aaj jumma Mubarak hy

  • Hamesha Yehi Soch K Geo K Mere RAB Ne Mujhe Buht Kuch

Diya Hai,

Agar Wo Mujhe Mere

Aamaal K Barabar Deta,

To Mere Pass Kuch Bhi Na Hota!

Jumma Day

  • Islam says…

when the time of Juma prayer comes,

discontinue every activity

and answer the call to prayer,

meet earnestly,

consult and learn by social contact,

and when the meeting is over,

scatter and go about ur business…


Now we would like to mention main and important wishes that are specially written for Juma Mubarak. The main and important quotes or wishes are as follows:

  • Zam Zam Jaisa Koi Pani Nai

Namaz Jaisa Koi Ebaadat Nai

Hajj Jaisi Koi Ziyaarat Nai

Islam Jaisa Koi Mazhab Nai

Quran Jaisa Koi Kitaab Nai

Madeene Jaisa Koi Shehar Nai

Kalme Jaisa Koi Dolat Nai

Darood Paak Jaisa Koi Khazana Nai


Jumma Mubarak Jaisa Koi Din Nai

Jumma Mubarak

  • Bura Hum Bhala Hun Taira Hi Banda Hun

Ya Allah

Peda Hote Hi Kalma Suna Tha Marte Waqt Bhi Naseeb Karna


Jumma Mubarak

  • Dil Paak Nai To Paak Ho Sakta Nai Insan

Warna Iblees ko Bhi Aatay The Wuzoo Ke Faraiz Bohat

Subah Bakhair and Jumma Mubarak

May Our Deeds Attract (Allah Ka) Love,

Noor and Barakaat…

So That Our Lives May Be Filled…

With Peace and Happiness and Freedom

From Any Calamity…

juma mubarak ho..

  • Assalam-O-Alaikum.
    Good Morning..

Behtreen Hy Wo Shakhs

Jo Deir Se Khafa Ho Aur Jaldi Maan Jaye.

Bad-tareen Hy Wo Shakhs

Jo Jaldi Khafa Ho Or Deir Tak Naraz Rahy.

juma mubarak ho.

  • Assalam-O-Alaikum.
    Good Morning..

When a man comes to me for advice,

I find out the what kind of advice he wants to me,

and I give it to him.

By:(Henry Wheeler Shaw)

juma mubarak ho..

On the whole after discussing Juma Mubarak sms, messages, quotes and wishes it is easy to conclude that every Muslim should send these sms, messages and quotes on this day.