Here we will discuss Onam Pookalam designs 2015 pictures and photos. Firstly, we would like to give the brief introduction of Onam Pookalam. We would like to mention that Onam always happened in the September month on the day of completely new moon. People create and design beautiful and colorful Pookalm during the first ten days of this special festival. Moreover, Pookalams are normally designed in circular shapes along with flowers, leaves as well as petals. We would like to mention that it is considered to creative and incredible task because different but beautiful flowers are used daily for the celebration of this festival. Making Pookalam is considered to be colorful and joyful occasion.  It is the completely team effort and it gives the feeling of unity and togetherness. For our readers, we want to mention that Pookalam is considered to be an intricate and beautiful floral arrangement that should be laid on the floor. It is very popular and well known festival in the whole world. For our readers, we want to mention that Pookalam is the combination of two words such as poov and it means flowers. The second word is kalam and it means colorful sketches. It is considered to be special festival in Kerala.

Onam Pookalam Designs 2015 Pictures And Photos

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Moreover, it is strongly believed by the people of Kerala that the sacred spirit of legendary king visits their houses during this special festival. So, during this festival they want to decorate their homes in the best way. Normally, housewives and young girls prepare Pookalam while singing their different traditional folk songs. Moreover, it is the combination of flowers, leaves and petals. We would like to mention that the making of Pookalam starts on the first day of the festival. The most common flowers that are used for the making of Pookalam are Thumba, show flower, little tree plant, red pagoda plant and many more other flowers. Since many years back, people collect flowers from the gardens for the making of Pookalam. Now the concept is completely change.Now, people purchase fresh and beautiful flowers form the market. At different places in Kerala, numerous Pookalam decoration competitions are also conducted. We would like to mention that big prizes are also kept for the competition winners in order to encourage their participation. In this post, we will share beautiful Oman Pookalam deisgns 2015 pictures and photos. All the pictures are completely beautiful and stunning.


On the whole after discussing Oman Pookalam designs 2015 pictures and photos it is easy to conclude that these are considered to be best and beautiful designs for making Oman Pookalam. If you want to make Pookalam at your home for making your home beautiful on this special festival then you should check out these designs. In the final conclusion, we can say that Oman Pookalam is considered to be most special festival and people of Kerala can only celebrate in the perfect manner if they make beautiful Oman Pookalam designs at their home.