Here we will discuss world breastfeeding week 2013 themes, dates, slogan, logo, posters ideas. We would like to mention that world breastfeeding week is celebrated every first week of August. This week is celebrated in more than 170 countries. This week actually promotes the importance and significance of breastfeeding for infant nutrition as well as health. Now the question is that why breastfeed? We would like to mention that breastfeeding is considered to be best way to give nutrients to the newborn babies. According to doctors that breast milk is very highly nutritious along with healthy proteins. Recent studies also show that breastfeeding completely promotes the health long after the childhood. According to recent research that breastfeeding also offers the complete protection against the breast cancers for mothers. We would like to mention another important point is that how does breastfeeding improving the global health as well as nutrition? We would like to highlight the important point that breastfeeding is considered to be most important step for reducing the under nutrition deficiency in children. Because of this reason, World Health Organization celebrates this day on the larger scale in order to create the awareness.

World Breastfeeding Week 2013 Themes, Dates, Slogan, Logo Posters Ideas

world breastfeeding week 2013 themes, dates, slogan, Logo Posters Ideas

In the whole world, breastfeeding day is celebrated on the larger scale. Now the next question is that how do international medical corporations protect and promote the breastfeeding? Well, we would like to mention that International medical corporations promotes this day on the larger scale. Medical corporations work a lot in order to create the awareness of breastfeeding in mothers. In many countries in the whole world, medical corporations offer complete nutritional support to the pregnant and lactating mothers. This special week was introduced by World Alliance for breastfeeding action. This week is celebrated worldwide August from the dates of 1st August to 7th August. Since, this week has been celebrated since many years back. Every year, this week is celebrated with the special themes.

Now the question is that how this special week is celebrated in the whole world? Well, we can say that some communities arrange special walks to celebrate this day. Moreover, medical corporations and other organizations arrange conferences, seminars in order to enhance the importance of breastfeeding. If we talk about the previous themes of breastfeeding day, then we can say that in 2010 this week was celebrated on the grand scale. On 5th August 2010, special health talk poems and essay competitions were arranged regarding the breastfeeding. Moreover, medical organizations and corporations also talked about important steps for the protection and promotion of breastfeeding.

On the whole after discussing world breastfeeding week 2013 themes, slogans and posters ideas it is easy to conclude that it is very important that every country should celebrate this day. It is extremely important and essential that every government should promote the breastfeeding concept in people. This is the only possible that we can reduce the deaths of new born babies and mothers.